dreDDup are an massacre industrial band from Novi Sad. Active since 1997, the band are pioneers of this sound in Serbia, and have released six studio albums worldwide. During their existence they have been working on projects for movies and theaters, with solo performances having features of a high-class multimedia. Also, they are one of the rare bands who have had several European tours and teaming up with the most acclaimed acts from the industrial scene.

dreDDup opened for big bands such as The Prodigy, Marilyn Manson, Skrillex, Deathstars, Toy Dolls, Laibach…

Their performances are characterized as energetic, dangerous and filled with theatre-like presentations. Currently, their new album is in the process of making, and will be finished in late 2016.

Current line-up:
Inquisitor – vocals / electronics
boRA – drums / percussions
Armageddon - guitar
Gemini – bass

2016 - DeathOven | Lampshade Media (RS)
2014 - I dreamt of a Dragon | Lampshade Media (RS)
2012 - Nautilus | Miner Recordings (RS) & Glory & Honour (UK)
2011 - dreDDup | dPulse Records (USA), SKCns (Serbia)
2009 - El Conquistadors | Beast Of Prey (Poland), Insurrection Records (Serbia)
2007 - Future Porn Machine | Insurrection Records (Serbia)
2004 - Mr.Borndead's Feast | MoocSound Records (Holland)
2001 - Transfusion 219 [ep] | DIY
1998 – Total Noise [ep] | Crime: Scene Records (Serbia) (re-release in 2013)
1998 - Abnormal Waltz [demo] | DeadKnife Records (USA) (re-release in 2007)

similiar acts and influences:
Skinny Puppy, Bile, Borghesia, Prodigy

facebook: dreddup
bandcamp: dreddup.bandcamp.com
myspace: new.myspace.com/dreddup
youtube: www.youtube.com/dreDDup
twitter: twitter.com/#!/dreddup
soundcloud: soundcloud.com/dreddup
tradiio: www.tradiio.com/dreddup
tsu: www.tsu.co/dreDDup

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